Métro and Buses

Transgesco s.e.c. (limited partnership) has chosen Astral Affichage,  a company specializing in the sale of ad space in Canada’s public transportation systems, to sell and manage ad space in the STM’s métro and buses.

Astral Affichage offers a wide range of advertising products that effectively reach customers on the go.


Buses (interior)

Bus interior posters

Buses (exterior)

King + Seventy posters

Bus wraps

Full bus wraps


Platform panels
Platform station poster
Backlit platform panels
Backlit station poster
Métro car posters
Car posters
Digital murals
Digital mural
Métro panels
Metro king posters

Metro - Electronic displays - Metrovision

Métro - Electronic displays
337 digital displays have been installed in all 68 stations.

Metro wraps

Metro wraps
Station wrap
Car wraps
Car wrap
Experimental marketing
Experiental marketing